Third Avenue United Church Community Fund

Specific Funding Categories
Category 1 - Community Fund Partnerships

Funding will not exceed $25,000

A Community Fund Partnership is where financial support is provided for an ongoing purpose by TAUC through a formal partnership agreement.

The other partner(s) shall provide administration and personnel, but a TAUC representative must participate in the governance of the project. Such representative will be a member from the Community Fund Committee unless the Unified Board otherwise makes a specific appointment.

Category 2 - Community Fund Support for a Specific Project or Event

Funding will not exceed $10,000

A specific project or event will be project or time limited. It will not be a requirement of the funding for a TAUC representative to be part of the project or event governance, but ongoing report back shall be provided to TAUC as a required term of funding.

Category 3 - Community Fund Donations

Funding will not normally exceed $1,000 at any given time.

Donations are intended to be contributions to specific needs without our participation in the organization itself or any specific report back requirement.