Third Avenue United Church Community Fund

Community Fund Committee Members (2014)

  • Peter Barnacle (Chair of the Board and Chair of the CF Committee)
  • ________________ (Chair of Outreach and Secretary of the CF Committee)
  • Rev. Donna Wilson (Minister)
  • Holly Brown (Non-Board Member)
  • Roger Giesbrecht (Non-Board Member)
  • Gladys Somerville (Non-Board Member)

Rose H. Bray – Administrative Assistant –

Community Fund Committee

Board Members and Minister ex officio Members

Consistent with the Board’s Motion of March 26, 2014 approving these Terms of Reference (attached to and forming part of these Terms of Reference), the Chair of the Board, Chair of Outreach and Minister positions are ex officio in that the occupants of those positions are members of the Community Fund by virtue of their respective offices. These members shall have voice and vote in the Committee’s proceedings.

Term of Office for Non-Board Members

The term of office of non-Board members shall be two years, with provision for renewal of membership permitted. Volunteers for membership shall be approved by the Unified Board and confirmed at the Annual General Meeting of Third Avenue United Church (TAUC) in the normal course of the congregational approval of membership of all Church committees.

Eligibility for Membership on Community Fund Committee

Members of the Community Fund Committee must be members or adherents of Third Avenue United Church.