Third Avenue United Church Community Fund

Transfer of funds from the Community Fund

On approval of a recommendation from the Community Fund Committee, the Unified Board shall direct the TAUC Board of Trustees to transfer such funds, as required from time to time, to the TAUC general bank account, and a cheque will then be issued by TAUC to the approved recipient.

From time to time, a report shall be made in Third Ave News to update the congregation on funding approvals from the Community Fund consistent with these Terms of Reference.

Revisions to Terms of Reference

The Third Avenue United Church Unified Board may make such changes to these Terms of Reference consistent with the direction of River Bend Presbytery.

These Terms of Reference were approved by the TAUC congregation on July 27, 2014 and adopted by the Unified Board on July 30, 2014. Revisions (Section A) were made pursuant to the direction of River Bend Presbytery Executive on September 9, 2014 and adopted by the Unified Board on September 24, 2014.